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"Aimliú"(irish) which means  the spoiling or change of something with exposure to environmental impact. 


My practice aims to erode objects and to imagine their mutable relation/s with others.

Or, put otherwise, it’s a practice that tries to work from the edges —

the lines, the blanks — that separate objects but which also permit them to touch, and sometimes combine, transform, blur, and leave traces in one another. While one could see the edge as something that offers a certain “hold” in reference to a system that circumscribes reality, here it becomes a point of gestation and transformation, objects struggling with their changing environment to redefine themselves.
Objects cease to resemble.

Such objects rendered other make something else appear, like the mummified bog body revealed by acid in the peat. Through salt etching

and screen printing, various alterations of the image can occur by bitings

or overprintings. that silence the original edge/s of objects. If the former technique “erodes”, gnaws on the limits, the latter,  by allowing me to superpose several thin “veils”, serves less to serialize the image in its repetitive process than to provoke the accident, a pluralisationor blurring

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